The Halifax Professional Firefighters would like to thank all the Citizens and Councillors of Halifax Municipality who supported our Fire Service in these trying times. For years our Fire Service has been slowly eroding without any meaningful investment, now we have a pledge from City Council to invest in our growing city instead of divesting.

We would like to thank you all, the safety of our Citizens and our Firefighters is our number one concern.

The City of Halifax wants to close fire stations!

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What is happening?

  • HRM is proposing to close three fire stations in HRM staffed full time by professional firefighters.
  • The result of these closures will be an increase in response times for all emergency calls to the areas currently covered by the stations that are slated to close.
  • HRM’s population has grown. HRM’s own reports show they expect almost 40,000 additional new dwellings in the future. With this growth how can the number of fire stations be reduced?

Why should this matter to you?

  • Even if your community is not affected directly by a proposed station closure you may, in the end, be affected.
  • As firefighters we respond to most calls in task groups. This means we send fire fighters from more than one station to respond as we need all of them there as soon as possible to adequately help you.
  • Each station relies on other adjacent stations to respond quickly to supply water, clear the smoke, perform rescue of victims, attack the fire in walls, assist with motor vehicle accidents, deal with chemical spills, etc.
  • Without a quick initial response and back-up of supporting firefighters it is very difficult to perform the necessary tasks at an emergency scene.
  • Fire doubles in size for every minute that it burns.
  • Combined with CPR, the early use of defibrillators may increase the likelihood of survival by 75%. All fire engines carry defibrillators.
  • The closure of any fire station affects the ability of firefighters to respond to your emergency.

What can you do?

  • Sign the petition on this webpage.
  • Contact your councillor. Contact information is on the bottom of this webpage.

Click here to sign our petition supporting our   Fire Stations!


Contact your Mayor and Councillor today!!


Mayor – Mike Savage

Phone: (902) 490-4010
Email: mayor@halifax.ca

District 1 – Barry Dalrymple
Waverley – Fall River – Musquodoboit Valley

Office: 902-860-6022
Cell: 902-222-0740
Home: 902-861-1171
Fax: 902-860-6023
Email: Barry.Dalrymple@halifax.ca

District 2 – Dave Hendsbee
Preston – Chezzetcook – Eastern Shore

Work: 902-889-3553
Cell: 902-483-0705
Fax: 902-829-3620
Email: David.Hendsbee@halifax.ca or david@hendsbee.ns.ca

District 3 – Bill Karsten
Dartmouth South – Eastern Passage

Office: 902-490-7032
Cell: 902-476-1855
Fax: 902-490-4122
Email: bill.karsten@halifax.ca

District 4 – Lorelei Nicoll Deputy Mayor
Cole Harbour – Westphal

Cell: 902-478-2705
Fax: 902-490-4122
Email: Lorelei.Nicoll@halifax.ca

District 5 – Gloria McCluskey
Dartmouth Centre

Phone: 902-490-7033
Cell: 902-476-1667
Fax: 902-490-4122
Email: gloria.mccluskey@halifax.ca

District 6 – Darren Fisher
Harbourview – Burnside – Dartmouth East

Cell: 902-497-7166
Fax: 902-490-4122
Email: darren.fisher@halifax.ca

District 7 – Wayne Mason
Halifax Peninsula South
Phone: 902-490-8462
Fax: 902-490-4122
Email: waye.mason@halifax.ca

District 8 – Jennifer Watts
Halifax Peninsula North

Cell: 902-497-4748
Fax: 902-490-2626
Email: Jennifer.Watts@halifax.ca

District 9 – Linda Mosher
Halifax West Armdale

Home Office: 902-477-8618
Cell: 902-476-4117
Fax: 902-490-4122
Email: Linda.Mosher@halifax.ca

District 10 – Russell Walker
Halifax – Bedford Basin West

Work: 902-443-8010
Cell: 902-497-7215
Fax: 902-443-6513
Email: russell.walker@halifax.ca

District 11- Stephen Adams
Spryfield – Sambro Loop – Prospect Road

Home: 902-477-0627
Cell: 902-497-8818
Fax: 902-490-4122
Email: stephen.adams@halifax.ca

District 12 – Reg Rankin
Timberlea – Beechville – Clayton Park West

Cell: 902-499-3744
Fax: 902- 876-4304

Email: reg.rankin@halifax.ca

District 13 – Matt Whitman
Hammonds Plains – St. Margarets

Cell: 902-240-3330
Fax: 902-490-4122
Email: Matt.Whitman@halifax.ca

District 14 – Brad Johns
Middle/Upper Sackville – Beaver Bank – Lucasville

Work: 902-476-1234
Fax: 902-869-4749

Email: Brad.Johns@halifax.ca

District 15 – Steve Craig
Lower Sackville

Cell: 902-240-0441
Fax: 902-869-4749

Email: Steve.Craig@halifax.ca

District 16 – Tim Outhit
Bedford – Wentworth

Phone: 902-490-5679
Cell: 902-229-6385
Fax: 902-490-5681
Email: outhitt@halifax.ca

Contact your Mayor and Councillor today!!

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