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During the month of July members of the Halifax Professional Firefighters will be purchasing t-shirts to wear while on duty. Pink IAFFThe t-shirts will be pink with blue lettering. Pink and blue are the representative colours of breast and prostate cancer. All proceeds raised from t-shirt sales will go towards cancer research and prevention.

Why are we wearing pink and blue shirts?

Far too many people are dying from cancers that are survivable if regular screening tools are utilized. 1 in 6 men in Canada will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. If detected early this disease has a high survivability rate. Similarly a breast cancer patient’s survivability increases greatly if the cancer is detected early through regular screening practices.

As professional firefighters we unfortunately see the grief a sudden death inflicts on a person’s family and friends. Helping to save lives is a natural thing for us to do whether it’s at a fire, medical call, or motor vehicle accident. So the real question is: Why wouldn’t we wear pink and blue shirts if it helps prevent cancer deaths?

What can you do?

Our hope is when you see a firefighter in a pink t-shirt it will prompt you to call your doctor to inquire if you should be screened. And if you are already participating in regular screenings, when you see a firefighter in a pink shirt, remember to call and make your appointments. It may save a life. And that is our ultimate goal.

Links to websites outlining screening procedures and recommendations are below.




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