NEXT UNION MEETING IS MAY 16th @ 7pm @ Dartmouth Sportsplex


  • The executive has received several questions about the staffing of 4 on each apparatus as per Councillor Steve Craig’s motion earlier this year.  As per Chief Trussler, this will not be implemented until all our vacancies are filled.  Therefore it will not take place until after the next 2 classes of new hires come into the mix.  So likely 2017 before we see 4 consistently on all our units (except 11, 56, Tact 12 and 3 Aerial ). The additional aerial unit won’t come into service until after the above positions are filled, so likely 2018 or later.
  • Station 28 is now staffed.  Well, not so much the station as the travel trailer parked outside while station renovations take place.  Hopefully our members will be in the station by the end of May or early June.
  • Congrats to Lt’s getting promoted to Captain in May. Kevin Gallagher,  Kevin Dean & Chris Tarbox will be heading to E platoon as Captains. Joe Mattie will be moving to B Platoon. We wish them the best!
  • The union stopped paying for cable TV in all core stations effective March 31st.  There are still some stations receiving cable, that could end any day based on when Eastlink gets around to turn it off.  Once cable is disconnected, please send an email to treasurer@hpff.ca to arrange for collection of the digital cable boxes.
  • Based on feedback from the membership, a cons & bylaws change was submitted to our members via email.  It will be voted on at the May monthly meeting.  If the change is voted through, it would increase union dues from 1.25% to 1.35% (roughly $3.50/pay) to cover the cost of reinstating digital TV cable in the stations.  This likely wouldn’t take effect until sometime in the fall as the IAFF must approve all Cons & Bylaw changes before we can implement them.  Members are encouraged to attend the May meeting and vote. Any questions on the change can be directed to Joe Triff.
  • We have filed 3 grievances so far this year and have also settled an issue at pre-grievance.
  • Two grievances were settled at Step 1. 
  • One was for OT rate of pay for a training officer, one was for misuse of an acting LT
  • 3rd is for managements request for employees to provide a note from their doctor for sick absence.
  • The arbitrator provided his decision and the 2009 re-opener went into effect February 26thA copy is posted to the HPFF website.  Anyone requiring access can email secretary@hpff.ca 
  • Contract committee has been meeting and working on proposed changes for the 2016 contract.  We expect to have our initial meeting with management  late May
  • 2016 Retirement Dinner is May 14th at the Harbour front Marriott.  This is also the 90th anniversary of our union local.
  • Tickets are available until May 10th.  Please contact Joe Triff, Chris Camp, Brendan Meagher or Sherry Dean for tickets.


  • Auren Deters takes over as our Union Treasurer effective April 15th.  We wish him luck.
  • Big thanks to Chris Camp for his 18+ years of service on our Union Executive on behalf of our members!   


  • The annual Ray Kline hockey tournament was held the end of January.  Thanks to all those who participated, volunteered or attended.  It was a successful event and we are looking forward to next year.
  • President Jim Gates and Vice President Brendan Meagher will be attending the Legislative Conference this month in Ottawa. Shop Steward Joe Triff and Treasurer Auren Deters will be attending the 53rd IAFF conference in August.
  • A by-election for Shop Steward will take place shortly.  Calls for nominations have gone out, deadline is April 27th @ 9am at the special meeting at the union office.  Nominations can also be submitted to secretary@hpff.ca 
    For now, Joe Triff is the only Steward assigned to C.  Once the vacancy is filled, shop steward assignments will be updated.

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