This page is created to inform the members of discounts offered by local businesses to our local. This does not mean we guarantee any of the products but simply that we have been offered discounts for our members. Should you encounter problems with these discounts please let us know.

Bet*ter Buy Sports 10% discount for Local 268 members!

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J.A. Snow Funeral Home Affinity Program









Sportswheels Firefighter Discount!SE_Logo_Sportwheels_blackback_sm

15% Firefighter Discount





Marshall’s Active Programsmaps

Looking for a great way to get your kids active and find a sport thats right for them.





Sandals Resorts Vacation Discount

Sandals resorts are offering a discount of 10% on top of any other price discounts according to information received from the company. The link for the page is It is for IAFF members only.